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Offering Plans That Help Millions of Americans Save on Dental Costs

Our plans are not insurance, they’re what dental insurance should be.TM

Providing the best value
for our customers

  • You do not have to wait to use the plan
  • Use without limit
  • We accept all dental conditions
  • In 5 minutes, you can activate your plan
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  • A vision plan was included

Dentistry of the
highest standard

With tens of thousands of dentists accepting our plans nationwide, our network is constantly expanding.

We have some of the best dentists in the country. Credentialed and thoroughly screened, they must meet stringent qualifications before they are accepted.


Providing you with the best prices is based on three principles:

Keeping things simple by only offering the best plans.

An award-winning and highly efficient team.

We are committed to being the lowest-cost provider nationwide.

Here’s how 1Dental Plans can save you money

Make an online

  • Call us or send us an email
  • Need help picking a plan?
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Visit any dental specialist
on our rundown

A huge number of dental specialists and experts the country over have proactively consented to give you lower costs.

Save money on
most strategies

Counting preventive, essential, and significant dental administrations, restorative dentistry, and grown-up supports, from there, the sky is the limit.